We immerse global companies in the Indian way of life

Times Bridge is the global investment and partnership arm of the Times Group. Our unique position as a venture capital, consulting and operations partner to the world’s purposeful companies provides our partners with a decisive edge to bring their mission to the world’s largest, open consumer market. We invest in the world’s best ideas and enable purposeful leaders to realize their India and global opportunity.

We work with creative, mission-driven entrepreneurs who believe the Indian market is a microcosm of the world. We support them in crafting their go-to-market plans, attracting the best talent, adapting to local realities, forging critical partnerships and navigating the complexities of doing business in India.

“Our aspiration is to help our partners see India differently and, in so doing, see the world differently. We're proud of the ideas we've helped lift off across India -- and the many lessons our partners and India have taught us.”

Rishi Jaitly
CEO, Times Bridge

Our Heritage

Founded by the British in 1838, The Times Group of India is South Asia's oldest media company and now its largest digital company. At once the publisher of the world's largest newspapers and the "Oscars" and "Grammys" of India, The Times Group also commands India's leading position in out-of-home media, radio, television and more. On the Internet, The Times Group's digital platform engages 500 million unique users each month and ranks first in India in categories as varied as news, music, streaming, real estate and sports.